Parent's responsibility

1. The parents full cooperation is very important. We cannot over emphasize the  importance of a healthy school/parents relationship in the            upbringing of your  child. 

2. Children need constant encouragement and support. Parental interest in their  well being is greatly valued by them. 

3. Parents are expected to familiarize themselves with rules and regulations of the  school and are requested to co-operate with the school. 

4. Parents are expected to pay their fees on time to enable smooth functioning of  the school.

5. Parents must communicate with their child's teacher's and enquire about the  child's progress not only in academics, sports and co-                    curricular activities but  also in character building/development, discipline and social issues. 

6. The parent must go through the child's progress card and discuss the same with  the child, Class Teacher and Subject Teachers. 

7. The parent is expected to support the school when disciplinary action is taken.

8. Respect for the school authorities, and proper usage of the school property  must be reinforced and encouraged at home. 

9. Any change in family status, separation, death and any such instances must be  communicated to the School Authorities and Class Teacher,       so that the child  can he helped and counseled to cope with the changes. 

10. Kindly intimate the change of postal address, email id and telephone numbers  immediately, failing which the school will not be                            responsible of non-receipt or any communication addressed to parents or guardians. 

11. For the safety and security of the child kindly intimate any change in the mode of  transport. 

12. Parents should check the school diary, initial and any note sent by the school or  teacher. 

13. Parents/Guardians are requested not to arrange for private tuition with membersof staff without the written permission from the principal.

14. Homework is given almost daily. Parents should kindly check the diary and see  that the child completes the homework. They are also                 requested to guide their  wards in this respect.