The nation that reads is a nation that leads” .

The library is nerve center, a mirror and the catalyst of leaning process of any institution.

The library has sections ranging from textbooks and reference books to fiction and general knowledge.
Since the school aims at making learning a fun process, there are 3000 books and magazines available on general topics and separate sections for hobby-related books, books on travel, animal care, short stories, drama, poetry, astrology and other topics.

Science Laboratory

" Teach me and I'll remember,
Involve me and I'll Lern"

School has well equipped laboratory for imparting practical knowledge in science. Science practical are involved in curriculum from class VIth onwards.

Our aim is to involve every student and to let them explore the wonderful world of Science through particles.

Computer Lab

Today, Computer is the most important tool that one must possess to excel in any sphere of life. In the age of IT computers have actually become a necessity.

It is the way for the students to become highly skilled resource persons and technocrats in near future.

To ensure the students growth with a keen understanding of technology, the school has individual computer labs.

Smart Classrooms

"Learning by seeing"

The traditional chalk and board method have been made more effective, supported with the Hi – Tech multimedia presentation and animation technology. 

For the benefit of students, the Smart Class concept has been introduced from Nursery onwards at our School, as any age group of human beings learn at a faster pace if listening, watching and reading are done simultaneously.