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School Discipline

Prohibited Articles & Substances

It is our prime importance to care for the safety of all students and for the school property therefore articles listed below are not permitted. 

The school reserves the right to check, at any time, the child for the prohibited articles. If found they will be confiscated or fines and other disciplinary action  will be taken. 

1. Chewing of gum is strictly prohibited in the campus.

2. Valuable items like, gold ornaments, jewellery, fancy or expensive watches, designer clothes etc. 

3. Pets, fireworks, holi colours.

4. Toy/replica of a gun or any game of destructive nature. Firearms, ammunition. Pocket knives, pen knives and any other dangerous sharp              instruments. Heavy belts and chains. 

5. Pornographic material.

6. Medicine and drugs other than those recently prescribed by a doctor.

7. Tobacco products, alcoholic drinks and banned food items.

8. digital gaming and video screening gadgets, cameras, mobile phones, MP3 or any other music players.

Students are prohibited from

1. Leaving the school without permission during school hours.

2. Being in restricted areas, grounds, empty class rooms, secluded areas, behind building (when class is on and without permission)

3. Starting a fire within the confines of the school or touching any of fire extinguishers.

4. Glueing stickers, sticking posters of any kind on the school property. Writing, Drawing, splashing ink, defacing the school walls, furniture and       property. Altering carving on furniture.

5. Playing outdoor games in areas other than the designated playing areas causing breakages of windows and damaging walls.

6. Removing tube chokes, breaking light fixtures. Braking locks.

7. Any commercial activity in the school or town, including buying and selling without written permission from the Principal.

8. Collecting money, contributions and donations without written permission.

9. Possession/distribution of any prohibited articles.

10. Smoking in and around the campus is strictly prohibited.

11. Spitting including on the play ground.

12. Gambling and stealing.

13. Violation of any of the school regulations.